Behind the Bite: Txakoli

What is txakoli? Come to Elkano, a family-run vineyard in Getaria, and learn all about this fascinating Basque wine.

This post is part of our Behind the Bite series: deep dives into the dishes that we can’t stop thinking about. No drink captures the essence of the Basque Country as perfectly as txakoli does. While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Spanish wine, txakoli (pronounced “cha-ko-LEE”) […]

Basque Phrases & More: An Introduction to Europe’s Most Interesting Language

Learn a few Basque phrases, make a few Basque friends—it's that simple!

Fun fact: you shouldn’t always speak Spanish when in Spain. We know that sounds weird. Yes, Spanish is the official national language, and in most of the country, it is what you should be making an effort to speak. But that’s not always the case. A handful of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions have their own […]

San Sebastian in July 2019: Top Activities for Summer Fun

If you're visiting San Sebastian in April, you're in luck. It's such a gorgeous time of year to enjoy the great views!

This blog post was originally posted on June 29, 2018 and was updated on June 3, 2019. July may just be the best time of the year to visit San Sebastian! Summers here are much more mild than in most of the rest of Spain—throw in the fact that we’ve got some of the best […]

Welcome Summer: What to Do in San Sebastian in June

Going to the beach is easily our favorite thing to do in San Sebastian in June.

Summer is here, and the sunny shores of San Sebastian are calling your name. We’re kind of obsessed with the fabulous weather and great vibes present throughout San Sebastian in June, so it probably comes as no surprise that it’s one of the best times of year to visit. Yes, a lot of other people […]

Devour a Spanish Classic: Where to Find the Best Tortilla in San Sebastian

Bar Nestor is home to the best tortilla in San Sebastian, and the other two dishes they serve (only two!) are worth trying as well.

If you only eat one thing while here in Spain, be sure to make it a thick, gooey slice of tortilla de patatas. With an ingredient list you can count on one hand that consists of mere pantry staples, the humble tortilla is quite simple in comparison to some of the other fancy bites you’ll […]

Behind the Bite: Basque Cider

Basque cider is a true social experience that goes far beyond the drink itself.

In the midst of the animated chatter that fills any Basque cider house during the high season, only one word truly matters: “¡Txotx!” That lone syllable—pronounced “choch”—is enough to empty every seat in the room as diners make their way to the massive barrels that hold the Basque Country’s single greatest alcoholic treasure. The interjection […]

Make the Most of Spring: Visiting San Sebastian in May 2019

Be a part of something special at Olatu Talka, one of the best festivals in San Sebastian in June.

An ideal antidote to both chilly, gray winter and crowded summer, springtime in the Basque Country is laid-back, relaxed, and utterly idyllic. May is easily one of the best times of the year to visit San Sebastian if you truly want to make the most of everything the city has to offer (and trust us, […]

Grocery Stores in San Sebastian: The Complete Foodie Guide

Grocery shopping in San Sebastian means skipping the big chain stores and heading to a locally owned gourmet shop to find the best quality products.

As the unofficial yet undisputed foodie capital of Europe, it’s no surprise that San Sebastian is home to every kind of grocery store under the sun. Yes, you could just pop into any chain supermarket and find whatever it is you need and then some. But where’s the fun in that? Throughout southern Europe, specialty grocery […]

Menús del Día in San Sebastian: 5 Great Lunch Specials

Here in San Sebastian—and throughout Spain, actually—we take the menú del día pretty seriously. We mean, what’s not to love about a delicious lunch that leaves you feeling comfortably full and barely makes a dent in your wallet? It’s one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to eat like a local here in the […]

Our Favorite Wine Tastings in San Sebastian

Northern Spain is home to some of the absolute best wine in the country—which makes chic San Sebastian an ideal spot for a wine tasting. You’ve got your crisp Basque txakolis, classic riojas, underrated gems from nearby Navarra—when it comes to wines to order in San Sebastian, you’re spoiled for choice. But why limit yourself […]