Our Expert Guides

We know that having a great guide is key to truly discovering a destination. That’s why our tours are led by passionate Spain gurus who love sharing their insider knowledge with our guests. We’ve got historians, sommeliers and art experts on the team, and each guide is a gifted storyteller.

We can’t wait for you to meet them!

Claudia Ordinas

Basque and French, Claudia was born and raised in San Sebastian surrounded by a family that loves food, cooking and sharing meals. She’s currently studying Gastronomic Sciences and Culinary Arts at the prestigious Basque Culinary Center.

Héctor Núñez Valdez

Of Mexican and Basque heritage, Héctor is a traveler, cook and artist who’s back to his roots in San Sebastian.

Ainhoa Larrea Iñarra

Born and raised in Donostia, Ainhoa is currently a medical student with a passion for health and nutrition—but she knows how to enjoy a good wine and pintxo!

Martin Larrea Albisu

Born and raised in San Sebastian, Mattin grew up in a in a family where Basque culture and gastronomy was very important and went on to teach his culture to kids in the United States with Basque heritage.

Andrea Sarasola

After growing up in a San Sebastian family with a passion for gastronomy, Andrea enjoys preserving and sharing Basque traditions and food culture. She even has a whole book of family recipes that get passed down from generation to generation!

Cristina Castellanos Stephens

Growing up in a family where food always played an important role, Cristina started traveling at a young age. Guided by her love of food, she moved to the Basque Country seven years ago to become a chef, and has now found a way to combine her passions of sharing stories, meeting people, and food!

Ania Wielechowska

For as long as she can remember, Ania has always thirsted for adventure, travel and food. The winds took her to over 15 Latin countries before she finally she found her home in San Sebastian.

Tita Neittamo

Tita is a foodie Instagrammer and blogger who’s particularly passionate about healthy and delicious bites.

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