Uncork the Txakoli at the Top 5 Vineyard Tours Near San Sebastian

In Spain, where there is great food, there is great wine. With San Sebastian’s rising status as the gastronomy capital of Europe, local production of Txakoli wine has been revitalized.

Along the coast on either side of San Sebastian are a number of towns with Txakoli vineyards and wineries. These towns comprise the Txakoli Route, and they’re home to our favorite vineyard tours near San Sebastian. Here, long-standing winemaking families open their doors to share their passion, tradition and, of course, their wine!

Txakoli is a delightfully refreshing local wine. It is also slightly effervescent which is why you’ll often see it poured from arm’s length, in order to enhance the bubbles. Pair it with San Sebastian’s specialties: seafood, Idiazábal (smoky sheep’s milk cheese) and cured meats.

They say that there are four main factors that influence the quality of this wine: the soil, the sea, the climate and, most importantly, the Basque people. A hundred years ago, families would produce Txakoli in their country cottages for personal consumption. In fact, “txakoli” is Basque for “cottage wine.”

Nowadays, Txakoli wine is a major feature of the foodie scene in San Sebastian! With that in mind, get a taste of the local culture at these five vineyard tours near San Sebastian.

Do you love all things vino? Dive into the heart of the wine culture of the Basque Country with these amazing vineyard tours near San Sebastian!

1. Gaintza

This century-old vineyard in Getaria is magnificently set between the rolling green slopes and wild blue waves of the Cantabrian coast. On a guided tour, get the lay of the picturesque land and learn about the production of their three wines. Additionally, you can savor local products along with your tastings.

Address: Barrio San Prudentzio 26, Carretera Meagas

One of the many reasons we love the vineyard tours near San Sebastian is the picturesque countryside you encounter when visiting a bodega
Part of the magic of a visit to a vineyard is the incredible scenery you encounter!

2. Hiruzta Bodega

Located at the foot of the Jaizkibel Mountain, a passionate family of winemakers owns and operates Hiruzta. Their claim to fame is the resurrection of Txakoli wine production in Hondarribia. This area is the origin place of the Hondarrabi Zuri grape. Tours include a fascinating visit of the grounds followed by a wine tasting and a locally-made snack. You can also enjoy an excellent meal on the terrace overlooking the vineyard.

Address: Barrio Jaitzubia, 266

On many vineyard tours near San Sebastian, you will get the chance to try locally sourced produce (like these anchovy and olive skewers) along with your wine
What is a wine without a delicious pairing? In fact, Txakoli wine goes beautifully with these anchovy and olive skewers!

3. Bodegas Txomin Etxaniz

This breathtaking bodega on the coast of Getaria has everything. Your guide will beam with pride as he describes the cultivation techniques and processes that result in their refreshing, earthy Txakoli. Also, the welcoming atmosphere, stunning vistas, and the family’s eagerness to share their tradition make this one of the best vineyard tours near San Sebastian.

Address: Barrio Jaizubia 266

The vines you see on certain vineyard tours near San Sebastian are fascninating, containing both the white and red varieties of grapes required for Txakoli wine
Explore the grounds of a local vineyard and you’ll truly experience the authentic, local winemaking tradition

4. Bodega Rezabal

The winemakers at Rezabal focus their efforts on sustainable agriculture. Wander through the trellised vineyard and learn how they make their exquisite red and white Txakoli. Also, enjoy your tastings at the beautiful country bodega. They provide aperitives or a full meal made with fresh farm-or-sea-to-table ingredients.

Address: Asti Auzoa, 628

The tasting is definitely the highlight of the vineyard tours near San Sebastian, and when the wine is as delicious as Txakoli, we understand why!
What would a visit to a winery be without a tasting? Osasuna!

5. Bodegas Itsasmendi

Eighty percent of the Txakoli produced today is made of the Hondarrabi Zuri, a white grape. Itsamendi is one of the few to produce the Hondarrabi Beltza, a red grape. What’s more, this grape is grown almost exclusively in the Basque region, so it doesn’t get much more local. Different from those founded on family tradition, a group of enthusiastic friends started this bodega. They are committed to creating the best product and winery experience possible, therefore making it one of our favorite vineyard tours near San Sebastian.

Address: Barrio Arane 3

Sharing an experience on one of the vineyard tours near San Sebastian is something you won't soon forget!
Delicious wine brings everyone together!

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