Spain’s Most Iconic Rice Dish: Where to Eat Paella in San Sebastian

The pride and joy of Valencia, paella is arguably Spain’s most well-known dish. Naturally, people want to know where to eat paella in San Sebastian. However, not every paella is a great one!

Ask any group of visitors to Spain what they’re most excited to try and many people will say paella. Originating in the city of Valencia, we’re the first to admit that good paella is tricky to find outside the region. However, paella is all about the ingredients you use and the way you prepare it.

With high-quality fish, meats, and vegetables available in the markets in San Sebastian, the innovative chefs of the gastronomy capital of Spain create delicious versions of paella in the city. What’s more, there are amazing local rice dishes to enjoy in the city too, full of San Sebastian flavor! Dodge the dreaded tourist traps with our tips on where to eat paella in San Sebastian, and where to find some other unmissable rice dishes in the city.

Insider’s tip: People are hesitant to say paella on menus outside of Valencia. Don’t overlook a dish of arroz’ (rice) on a menu, this tends to be a rice dish served with local ingredients. Amazing food without the well-known title!

Finding good paella can be hard, but our tips on where to eat paella in San Sebastian will help you get paella and other delicious rice dishes in the city

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Restaurante Ama Lur

Located in the vibrant Gros neighborhood, Restaurante Ama Lur is a great spot to enjoy delicious, traditional Basque food. Specializing in roast meats, especially chicken, Ama Lur has a great range of dishes and does an authentic paella on Fridays. If you have a sweet tooth, they also have a delicious pantxineta tart, one of our favorite traditional Basque desserts. They also do most of their menu to go (‘para llevar’) so it’s the perfect place to stock up on delicious food to take to the beach. A great option if you’re unsure where to eat paella in San Sebastian.

Address: Karkizano, 7

When searching for where to eat paella in San Sebastian, make sure and get some lemon to pour over it. Delicious rice, juicy prawns and a delightful broth - unforgettable!
A delicious paella is nothing without a slice of lemon to drizzle over it

La Cuchara de San Telmo

This amazing bar, nicely hidden away in the Parte Vieja neighborhood, is a perfect marriage of Basque tradition and modern cuisine. Apart from a wonderful selection of delicious pintxos, La Cuchara de San Telmo has an unmissable rice dish you simply must try. Made from the Italian pasta orzo, the risotto cremoso dish is one of the highlights on the menu. Pair it with a delicious wine and soak up the local atmosphere. 

Address: 31 de Agosto Kalea, 28

If you're unsure where to find paella in San Sebastian, keep in mind that there are delicious rice dishes that are wonderful alternatives to the iconic rice dish
Delicious creamy rice dishes are wonderful alternatives to paella

Restaurante Narru

When it comes to Restaurante Narru, it’s all about the location. Situated on the promenade overlooking La Concha beach, one of the absolute must-see sights in San Sebastian, the views from the bar are amazing. You can also head downstairs to the airy, more formal dining area for a bit more peace and quiet. In terms of where to find paella in San Sebastian, Restaurante Narru is a great option as the iconic rice dish is a regular special in the restaurant. However, it’s also an amazing spot for some other authentic rice dishes. Don’t miss the arroz con almejas, a beautiful rice dish with large Galician clams.

Address: Calle Zubieta, 56 Paseo de la Concha

If you're wondering where to eat paella in San Sebastian, this rice dish with baby clams is a great alternative to paella—light, fresh and full of locally sourced ingredients
We love seeing typical ingredients from the north of Spain appearing in an amazing rice dish

Borda Berri

Another San Sebastian gem with an incredible rice dish in Parte Vieja is Borda Berri. Also made of orzo, the risotto de hongos con langostinos is unforgettable. This mushroom and prawn risotto is served with a beautiful tosta de Idiazabal, a lightly toasted piece of bread topped with Idiazabal cheese. Borda Berri may not be the place to go if you’re wondering where to eat paella in San Sebastian, but this beautifully constructed rice dish certainly matches any amazing paella we’ve ever had!

Address: Fermin Calbeton Kalea, 12

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